V, VI, VII, VIII, …… A single finger holding multiple strings on a stringed instrument  at the same time.

Symbol used in standard notation for guitar. Roman numeral indicates which fret. Example: B7 (C7, CVII, VII) See Barre


Va (Italian) go on, continues or it continues

Vacillant (French) wavering, referring to vibrato on stringed instruments

Vacillando (Italian) wavering, referring to vibrato on stringed instruments

Vaghezza (Italian) longing; alternatively, grace or charm

Vago (Italian) vague, rambling, uncertain tempo or expression

Valeur (French) value, importance or weight

Vallenato Colombian music style

Valore (Italian) value, importance or weight

Valse (French) a simple triple time dance

Valses chilotes Chilean dance from the Quellón region

Vaporeuse (French) vaporous

Vaporeux (French,) vaporous

Variante (French) variant

Variata (Italian) varied

Variations composition form in which variously modified re-statements of an initially introduced theme are presented in sequence, one after another

Variato (Italian) varied

Variazione (Italian) variation

Variazioni (Italian) variations

Varié (French) varied

Varnish Most oil finishes available are either a linseed oil or a tung oil. These oil finishes are actually varnishes and have an appealing natural luster. They are easy to use and produces a hard, thin and flexible finish, although not as protective and durable as a lacquer finish. see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

Vaudeville(French) street song


Veemente (Italian) vehement

Velata (Italian) veiled

Velato (Italian) veiled

Veloce (Italian) with velocity

Velocemente (Italian) with velocity

Velocissimo (Italian) with extreme velocity

Velocissimamente (Italian) with extreme velocity

Velocità (Italian) velocity

Velouté (French) velvety

Venusto (Italian) pretty

Veränderungen (German) variations

Verdiales one of the flamenco styles that belong to the Málaga fandangos group; a typical Spanish folk dance from Málaga

Verdoppeln (German) to double

Verdoppelt (German) doubled

Verdoppelung (German) doubling

Verein (German) society

Vergnügt (German) contented

Verhallend (German) dying away

Verklärt (German) transfigured, glorified

Verlauf (German) course, continuous

Verliebt (German) loved, in a tender manner

Verlierend (German) losing itself, dying away

Verlöschend (German) extinguished, dying away

Vernehmbar (German) perceptible

Verschiebung (German) shoving away

Verschieden (German) various

Verschwindend (German) disappearing, dying away

Versetzung (German) transposition

Verstärken (German) to strengthen

Verstärkt (German) strengthened

Verteilt (German) divided

Vertheilt (German) divided

Verweilend (German) delaying, rallentando

Verzeichnis (German) catalogue

Verzierungeen (German) embellishments, ornaments

Vespéral (French) of the evening

Vespérale (French) of the evening


Via (Italian) away, remove

Vibrer (French) to vibrate

Vichitra vina a stringed instrument like the rudra vina except it has no frets. It is played with a slide like a Hawaiian guitar

Vicino (Italian) near

Vide (French) empty, open string

Vidalita Argentine country dance

Viel (German) much, many

Viele (German) much, many

Vielem (German) much, many

Vier (German) four

Vierfach (German) fourfold

Vierhändig (German) four-handed

Vierte (German) fourth

Viertel (German) a quarter note see Note Values

Viertelnote (German) a quarter note

Viertem (German) fourth

Vierten (German) fourth

Viertes (German) fourth

Vierundsechzigstel (German) a sixty-fourth note see Note Values

Vierundsechzigstelnote (German) a sixty-fourth note see Note Values

Vierundsechzigstel Pause (German) a sixty-fourth rest

Vif (French) lively

Vigueur (French) variously

Vigore (Italian) variously vigorous

Vigorosamente (Italian) vigorously

Vigoroso (Italian)

Vigoureusement (French) vigorously

Vigoureux (French) vigorous

Vihuela plucked instrument of the Renaissance with a guitar-shaped body, strings tuned like those on the lute, that was confined almost exclusively to Spain, where it was generally associated with the aristocracy; plucked instrument of the guitar family popular in parts of Spanish America, similar to the Spanish Renaissance vihuela, that includes a belly for added resonance and five single courses of strings

Villanelle (French) sixteenth-century pastoral songs

Villa-Lobos, Heitor  (1887-1959) see Classical Guitarists & Composers

Vina a stringed instrument

Viola (Argentina) guitar

Viola amarantina Portuguese guitar with 5 pairs of metal strings and a sound hole shaped in the form of two hearts

Viola beiroa a highly ornamented Portuguese guitar

Viola braguesa Portuguese guitar with 5 pairs of metal strings

Viola campaniça a Portuguese guitar that has nearly disappeared although, long ago, it was popular throughout the low Alentejo region. Its characteristic sound is made by five groups of double strings, made of steel and brass

Viola d’arame like the Portuguese guitar, it has five strings which are plucked with the fingers, but its shape, longer and narrower, is more like the Spanish guitar that the Portuguese instrument of the same name, although traditionally the sound holes are cut in the shape of two small hearts

Violâo Brazilian term for guitar

Violentamente (Italian) violently

Violento (Italian) violent

Violenza (Italian) violence

Virtuosity total mastery of one’s instrument

Virtuoso a performer possessing total mastery of his or her instrument

Vitamente (Italian) briskly, immediately

Vite (French) quick

Vitement  (French) quickly

Vito an Andalusian dance

Vivace (Italian) vivacious, liveliness, lively

Vivacemente (Italian) vivacious, liveliness, lively

Vivacetto (Italian) rather vivacious

Vivacezza (Italian) vivacity

Vivacissimamente (Italian) very vivacious

Vivacissimo (Italian) very vivacious

Vivacità (Italian) vivacity

Vivamente (Italian) in a lively fashion

Vive (French) lively

Vivente (Italian) in a lively fashion

Vivement (French, adverb) lively

Vivezza (Italian) vivacious, liveliness, lively

Vivido (Italian) vivacious, liveliness, lively

Vivo (Italian) vivacious, liveliness, lively


Voca (Italian) voice, part

Voces aequales (Latin) equal voices

Voci (Italian) voices

Voci eguali (Italian) equal voices

Voglia (Italian) longing

Voice distinct instrumental in a musical work

Voice as an instrument using a voice or a number of voices to produce an instrumental sound

Voice leading part-writing

Voicing vertical distribution of the pitches of a chord above the bass

Voile (French) veil

Voix (French) voice, voices

Volante (Italian,) fast and light

Volksleid (German) folk song

Volkston (German) folk style

Voll  (German) full

Vollem (German) full

Volles (German) full

Völlig (German) complete

Volltönig (German) full-sounding

Volltönend (German) sonorous

Volenté (French) will, one’s pleasure

Volta a quick dance in triple time in which the lady is lifted into the air during a quarter-circle turn

Volta (Italian) time

Volta prima (Italian) first time

volta seconda (Italian) second time

Volti (Italian) turn, turn over

Volti subito (Italian) turn over quickly

Volubile (Italian) voluble

Volubilmente (Italian) volubly

Volume the loudness of a sound

Voluntary a keyboard piece in a free style; an organ solo played before and after an Anglican church service

Vom (German) from the

Von (German) from, of

Von hier (German) from here

Vor (German) for, before, forward

Voraus (German) beforehand

Vorbereiten (German) to prepare

Vorbereitung (German) preparation

Vorhanden (German) available

Vorher  (German) formerly, foregoing

Vorherig (German) formerly, foregoing

Vorig (German) formerly, foregoing

Vornehm (German) noble

Vorspiel (German) overture, prelude

Vortrag  (German) performance

Vortragen (German) to perform

Vorwärts (German) forwards

Vorzutragen (German) to perform prominently

Vou-veri-rou lullaby from Majorca


V.S. abbreviation for volti subito, turn over quickly


Vuelie Sami storytelling song

Vuota (Italian) empty, open

Vuoto (Italian) empty, open