E string The first or sixth string of the guitar. see How to Change Classical  Guitar Strings


Early music music written from the Middle Ages to about 1750

East Indian Laurel An alternative wood for the back and sides of a classical guitar. see Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Alternative Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

East Indian Rosewood Although East Indian Rosewood had been used for guitar backs and sides for many decades it became more common in the mid-1960s when the more well known Brazilian Rosewood became less available for guitar construction. Indian Rosewood was also found to be an excellent alternative to Brazilian Rosewood both visually and tonally with added stability. The color ranges from red to light brown with golden streaks. see Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Alternative Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar


Ebenfalls (German) in the same way, likewise

Ebenso (German) just as

Ebonite hard black rubber


Ecclesia (Latin) church; church related

Ecclesiastical modes church modes

Échelle (French) scale

Éclatant (French) brilliant, gorgeous, piercing

Eclecticism a term applied to a composer’s style when he is writing in an atypical manner

Ecologue short piece of music in in pastoral style

Eco (Italian) echo

École (French) school

Écossaise (French) a 2-in-a-bar contredanse, from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries


Ed (Italian) and

Edel (German) noble

Edge Binding The Edge Binding protects the end grains of the top and the back of a guitar. It also doubles as a decorative trim at the borders of the guitar. The Binding of a Classical Guitar is generally made of layered wood. see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar


Effleurer (French) to touch very lightly

Effretto (Italian) effect of music on an audience


Égal (French) equal

Égale (French) equal

Également (French) equally

Églogue (French) ecologue

Eguale (Italian) equal

Egualemente (Italian) equally

Egualezza (Italian) equality

Egualità (Italian) equality


Eifer (German) zeal

Eifrig (German) in an ardent style, zealous

Eighth an interval of an octave

Eighth note one eighth the time value of a whole note see Note Values

Eighth rest one eighth the time value of a whole rest

Eile (German) haste

Eilen (German) to hurry

Eilend (German) accelerando

Eilig (German) speedy

Ein  (German) a, one

Eine (German) a, one

Einfach (German) simple, single

Eingang (German) introduction, preface or prelude

Einige (German) some

Einlenken (German) to turn back, a turning back

Einmal (German) once

Einschlafen (German) die away

Einstimmig (German) for one part

Eintritt (German) beginning, entrance

Einzeln (German) single


Ektar folk instrument used to provide a drone as well as simple rhythmic accompaniment to folk songs in the Indian subcontinent, one stringed lute


Elaboration development or expansion of a musical idea or theme

Élargi (French) broadened

Élargissant (French) broadening

Élargir (French) to broaden, to take more slowly

Élargissez (French) broaden

Electro-acoustic music electronic music

Electronic Tuner Electronic device for tuning a guitar.

Elegante (Italian) elegant

Elegantemente (Italian) elegantly

Elegia (Italian) elegy

Elegiaco (Italian) elegiac

Élégie (French) a lament

Elegy (English) a lament

Elements of a Musical Score  See Elements of a Musical Score in Elements of a Musical Score

Elevato (Italian) elevated of spirit

Elevazione (Italian) elevation of spirit

Élève (French) pupil, student

Eleventh a compound interval of an octave plus a fourth

Elision the shortening of a theme or phrase by removing particular notes

Éloigner (French) to place further away


Embellishment ornament

Emozione (Italian) emotion

Empfindung (German) feeling

Empfingungsvoll (German) feelingly

Emphase (German) emphasis

Emporté (French) excitedly

Empressé (French) eager

Ému (French) affected, moved, touched


En (French) in, whilst

Enanga a six or seven string zither from East Africa

Encore encouragement to a performer to perform something more

End Block A block that supports the book-matched back, top, & sides of a guitar. see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

End Grain The part of a piece of wood where the grain runs out of its edge. see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

Energia (Italian) energy

Energico (Italian) energetic

Enfasi (Italian) emphasis

Enfatico (Italian) emphatic

Enfaticamente (Italian) emphatically

Enger (German) quicker

Engleman Spruce Wood used for a guitar soundboard that is not as stiff as Sitka Spruce, but popular because of its appearance. Works well on smaller bodied instruments because of its lower stiffness. It has a beautiful sheen much like the European spruces with less contrast between its growth rings. Usually looks whiter than Sitka. see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

English Brown Oak An alternative wood for the back and sides of a classical guitar. see Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Alternative Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

Enharmonic the interval between notes notated for example A flat and G sharp, which on an equal tempered keyboard instrument are played with the same key

Enlevez (French) remove

Ensalada (Spanish) a medley

Ensemble a group of musicians

Entendre (French) to hear

Entendu (French) heard

Entendue (French) heard

Entfernt (German) distant

Entfurnung (German) distance

Entr’acte (French) music performed between acts

Entrada (Spanish) entrance

Entrain (French) dash, go

Entrata (Italian) beginning, entrance

Entrée (French) the commencing moment of any work

Entremes (Spanish) a comic musical intermezzo within a play

Entrückung (German) rapture

Entry the point in a musical work where a melody starts

Entschieden (German) considerably, decided, resolute

Entschlossen (German) in a determined style

Entschlossenheit (German) determination

Entusiasmo (Italian) enthusiasm

Entusiastico (Italian) enthusiastic

Envelope an acoustical term referring to the attack, duration and decay of a sounding note

Environmental music music used for relaxation and meditation


Epigoneion a 40 string kithara placed and played on one’s knees

Epinette des Vosges a French instrument of the dulcimer family

Episode a subsidiary part of a work

Episodical form the same as rondo form

Epithalamium a wedding song


Equabile (Italian) equable

Equalmente (Italian) evenly, alike

Equal temperament the modern method of tuning where the interval of an octave is exact and the interval between each successive semitone is equal to the twelfth root of 2

Équivaut (French) is equivalent to


Ergriffen (German) emotionally moved

Erhaben (German) sublime

Erhabenheit (German) sublimity

Er hu (Chinese) a Chinese bowed string instrument similar to a violin but with only two strings

Erleichterung (German) a simplifed version

Erlöschend (German) becoming weakened

Ermangelung (German) lack

Ermattend (German) becoming tired out

Ermattet (German) tired out

Erniedrigen (German) to lower pitch

Ernst (German) earnest

Ernsthaft (German) serious

Eroica (German) heroic

Eroico (German) heroic

Erotikon (German) love-song

Ersatz (German) substitute

Erschüttert (German) agitated

Erst (German) first

Erste (German) first

Ersterbend (German) dying away

Erstickt (German) stifled

Erweitert (German) slower and steadier

Erzürnt (German) irritated


Esaltato (Italian) exalted, excited

Esatta (Italian) exact

Esattezza (Italian) exactness

Esatto (German) first

Escape note non-harmonic note, being approached by a whole step or half step and resolving to a chord note by a leap

Escondido an Argentine dance where the female partner hides from the male

Esecuzione (Italian) execution

Esercizi (Italian) exercises

Esercizio (Italian) exercise

Esoteric music specialized music designed for an elite audience that cannot understand or perform the music without special training

Esotica (Italian) exotic

Esotico (Italian) exotic

Espagne (French) Spanish

Espagnol Spanish

Espagnole (French) Spanish

Espagnuolo Spanish

Espagnolo Spanish

Espagnola Spanish

Espagnuola (Italian) Spanish

Espirando (Italian) dying away

Espressione (Italian) expression

Espressivo (Italian) expressively

Esquisse (French) sketch

Esraj North Indian bowed instrument with 20 metal frets and 12 to 15 sympathetic strings

Estinguendo (Italian) dying away

Estinto (Italian) as soft as possible

Estompé (French) toned down

Estravaganza (Italian) composition of erratic type

Estremamente (Italian) extremely

Estudiantina (Spanish) in the style of students

Estudiantino (Spanish) in the style of students

Esultazione (Italian) exultation


Et (Latin) and

Et (French) and

Éteindre (French) to extinguish

Éteint (French) extinguished

Étendue (French) compass, range

Ethnographic material material originating in any culture still living or known through relatively recent history

Ethnomusicology the study of music as a cultural phenomenon

Étouffer (French) dampen, mute, to dampen

Étouffez (French) dampen, mute, to dampen

Étude (French) a piece written for the purposes of practicing or displaying technique

Etwas (German) some, something, somewhat


Eucalyptus An alternative wood for the back and sides of a classical guitar. see Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Alternative Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

Eurhythmics the expression of musical rhythm through bodily movement


Evaded cadence a cadence that implies one type of resolution, but goes instead to another

Éveillé (French) awakened

Even tuning equal temperament

Evocación (Spanish) evocation, invocation


Exactement (French) exactly

Exalté (French) exalted, very excited

Exercise a piece designed to develop technique

Exoteric music music meant to be easily comprehended and performed by anyone with little musical training

Exoticism music in which the rhythms, melodies, or instrumentation are intended to evoke the atmosphere of far-off lands or ancient times

Expected Barre Anticipated or Expected Barre See Anticipated or Expected Barre in Barre

Exposed intervals hidden fifths or octaves between the outer voices in a harmonic progression

Exposition the part of a work  where the principal themes are first stated

Expressif (French) expressive

Expressionism where the work expresses the artist or composer’s state of mind

Expression marks indications in a musical score where the composer wish changes in the dynamics, tempo or mood

Extended tertian sonorities tall chords; 9th, 11th and 13th chords

Extension an horizontal line (or broken line) placed next to the right of a symbol to show that a symbol     must be maintained during the following note or notes

Extravaganza (Italian) stage entertainment with music, written in a free informal style

Extemporisation the art of composing at sight, improvisation

Extrêmement (French) extremely


Eye music music that is pleasing or puzzling to the eye