Jabo (Spanish) old triple-time dance

Jácara (Spanish) old song-dance

Jaleadas (Spanish) a dance influenced by the cachucha

Jaleo (Spanish) slow triple-time dance

Jaleos the shouts of encouragement by the audience to the performers in  flamenco performances

Jammernd (German) lamenting

Jämmerlich (German) lamentable

Jam session informal performance

Japanese fiddle a single string instrument seen played by English street performers

Jarabe traditional Mexican dance form with multiple sections in contrasting meters and tempos, often performed by mariachi ensembles

Jarana 5 to 8 string Mexican guitar from the Jarocho region. Used to perform son jarocho

Jarrah Burl An alternative wood for the back and sides of a classical guitar. see Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Alternative Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

Java a finger pick made from a coconut shell

Jazz music that originated in New Orleans, characterised by syncopations and reiterated rhythms


Je (German) always, each, ever

Jedoch (German) however, nevertheless

Jeel Egyptian music of the younger generation

Jejy lava a Malagasy one-string musical bow with a smaller gourd resonator

 Jejy voatavo Malagasy string instrument with two adjacent faces, each with courses of strings, one with frets and one without, mounted on a gourd resonator

Jentile (Italian) elegant, graceful or pleasing

Jeong-ak (Korean) classical music


Jibaro music from the countryside in Puerto Rico

Jitterbug lively, improvisational, style of dancing performed to syncopated music which originated in 1940’s New York


Jondo a more serious flamenco style

Jondura a more serious flamenco style

Joropo national music and dance form of Venezuela. The dancers are accompanied by harp, cuatro, maracas and guitar

Jota quick dance with hopping steps in triple time from Spain performed by a couple accompanied by a singer who plays the guitar

Jota de la vendimia wine harvest dance from Ciudad Real, Spain, in which guitar, bandurria and percussion accompany the dancers

Jouer (French) to play

Jouhikko bowed lute of Finland and Russian. It has a flat bridge. Drone strings and one melody string are played simultaneously

Joyeuse (French) joyous

Joyeux (French) joyous


Juan-hsieng Taiwanese moon guitar

Jubelnd (German) jubilant

Jubiloso (Italian) exulting, jubilant

Jubilus an elaborate, joyful melisma on the final syllable of the word Alleluia

Jugalbandi Indian jam session

Juju popular style from Nigeria relyng on the traditional Yoruba rhythms

Jusqu’à (French) until

Juste (French) exact, just

Justesse (French) exactitude

Just intonation system of tuning in which the distances between pitches are based on the natural harmonic series instead of the octave being equally divided