L’ (French) the


Label Viewed through the sound hole, the Label generally identifies the maker, origin, model, serial number and the approximate date the guitar was built. See see see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

Lacey She Oak An alternative wood for the back and sides of a classical guitar. see Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Alternative Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

Lacewood Lacewood is from South America. It is dense wood with a loud, sustaining tap tone. Its color is a warm cinnamon brown. see Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Alternative Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

Lächelnd (German) laughing

Lacquer Acrylic Originally used on cars, it is a guitar finish similar to nitrocellulose lacquer, but dries quicker and harder. With age, does not produce the vintage look. see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

Lacquer Nitrocellulose Used since the 1920’s, a quick-drying solvent-based lacquer that contains nitrocellulose. A very hard yet flexible, durable finish that can be polished to a high sheen on a guitar. It yellows with age, producing a desired vintage look. see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

Lacquer Water-Based With personal health and environmental concerns the long-term trend is moving away from solvent-based finishes on guitars.  In response, many manufacturers set a goal to create a lacquer with all of the positive characteristics of current solvent-based lacquers but without the hazardous, toxic solvent base. Water-Based Lacquer is environmentally friendly and produces “acceptable” results. see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

Lacrimoso (Italian) mournful, sad, tearful

Lage (German) position (in string playing); the range of an instrument

Lagnevole (Italian) doleful

Lagnoso (Italian) doleful

Lagrimando (Italian) tearful

Lagrimoso (Italian) mournful, sad, tearful

Lahute eight-stringed instrument in the lute family, tuned in fifths, a folk instrument of the Kosovar Albanians

Laid back music played with the accent played slightly after the beat to convey a relaxed, casual feeling

Laisser (French) to allow, to leave

Lamentabile (Italian) lamenting, mourning

Lamentando (Italian) lamenting, mourning

Lamentazione (Italian) lamentation

Lamentevole (Italian) lamenting, mourning

Lamento (Italian) lament

Lamento bass term from the eighteenth-century to describe a bass line that falls successively by a half-step to denote grief or sadness

Lamentoso (Italian) lamenting, mourning

Lancio (Italian) gusto

Ländler Austrian rural dance or air, usually in 3/4 or 3/8 time, slow waltz

Lang (German) long

Langoureusement (French) languorously

Langoureux (French) languorous

Langsam (German) slow

Langsammer (German) slower

Languendo (Italian) languishing

Languemente (Italian) languishing

Languente (Italian) languishing

Langueur (French) languor

Languidamente (Italian) languidly

Languido (Italian) languid

Languissant (French) languishing

Languore (Italian) languor

Laos Rosewood An alternative wood for the back and sides of a classical guitar. see Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Alternative Wood Choices for Back & Sides see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

Largamente (Italian) dignified and slowish

Large (French) dignified and slow

Largement (French) dignified and slowish

Larghetto not as slow as largo

Larghissimo an extremely slow tempo, slower than largo

Larguer (French) breadth

Largo (Italian) broad

Larynx the upper part of the trachea in the human throat

Lasciare (Italian) to allow to

Lasciate (Italian) allow, let

Lattice Bracing Generally made of spruce, braces add stiffness to the top of a classical guitar. The wood chosen is very straight grained running the length of the brace. The lattice describes the pattern in which the braces lay. see Anatomy of a Classical Guitar

Laúd Spanish lute with a flat back, 12 metal strings in 6 courses and a pear shaped body

Laut (German) loud

Laute (German) lute

Lavouto Greek lute

Lavta Turkish lute

Lay out direction indicating that a player should be silent, in jazz


Le (French) the; the lowered sixth degree of the major scale

Leading note the seventh degree of a major scale

Leading tone the seventh degree of a major scale

Leap a skip; the movement from one note to another

Leather plectrum a plectrum made of leather

Leben (German) life, vivacity

Lebendig (German) lively

Lebendiger (German) livelier

Lebhaft (German) lively

Lebhafter (German) livelier

Lebhaftigkeit (German) liveliness

Ledger line short lines drawn through, above or below the heads of notes that are written above or below the staff

Left hand fingerings In music, the assignment of fingers of the left hand. See Left hand fingerings in Elements of a Musical Score See Left hand fingerings in Left & Right Hand Fingerings see Elements of Standard Notation for Classical Guitar  see Elements of Tablature for Classical Guitar

Legabile (Italian) smooth playing style in which the notes seem bound together

Legando (Italian) smooth playing style in which the notes seem bound together

Legatissimo exceedingly smooth

Legato (Italian) smooth playing style in which the notes seem bound together. see legato in Note Symbols

Legatura (Italian) bind, slur, syncopation, tie

Legende (French) a legend

Léger (French) light

Légère (French) light

Leggere (Italian) light

Légèrement (French) lightly

Légereté (French) lightness

Leggeramente (Italian) lightly

Leggeranza (Italian) lightness

Leggerezza (Italian) lightness

Leggerissimo (Italian) as light as possible

Leggermente (Italian) lightly

Leggero (Italian) light

Leggiadramente (Italian) gracefully

Leggiadretto (Italian) graceful

Leggiadro (Italian) graceful

Leggieramente (Italian) lightly

Leggieranza (Italian) lightness

Leggiere (Italian) light

Leggierezza (Italian) lightness

Leggierissimo (Italian) as light as possible

Leggiero (Italian) light

Leggiermente (Italian) lightly

Leggio (Italian) music stand

Legnani, Luigi (1790-1877) see Classical Guitarists and Composers

Leichen-musik (German) funeral music

Leicht (German) easy, light style

Leichtfertig (German) frivolous, giddy

Leichtigkeit (German) lightness, easiness

Leid (German) sorrow

Leidenschaft (German) passion

Leidenschaftlich (German) passionately

Leise (German) soft, gentle

Leiser (German) softer

Leisten (German) to perform

Leistung (German) performance

Lene (Italian) gentle

Leno (Italian) gentle

Lent (French) slow

Lentamente (Italian) slowly

Lentando (Italian) slowing

Lentato (Italian) slowed

Lentement (French) slowly

Lenteur (French) slowness

Lentezza (Italian) slowness

Lentissimo (Italian) very slow

Lento (Italian) slow

Les (French) the

Lesson a short keyboard piece or pieces from the seventeenth- or eighteenth-centuries

Lestamente (Italian) quickly

Lestissimo (Italian) very quickly

Lesto (Italian) quick

Letzt (German) last

Levare (Italian) to lift, to take off

Levate (Italian) lift off

Levet a piece to be played under a bedroom window in the morning

Levezza (Italian) lightness


Li the raised sixth degree of the major scale

Liaison (Italian) legato, slur, tie or bind

Liberamente (Italian) freely

Libero (Italian) free, unrestrained

Libertà (Italian) freedom, liberty

Libre (French) free

Librement (French) freely

Lick a spontaneous musical phrase, melody or passage often drawn from a stock of scales, arpeggios…….

Lié (French) slurred, tied

Liebe (German) love

Lieblich (German) charming, lovely

Lied (German) song

Lieder (German) songs

Liedersammlung (German) song collection

Lietissimo (Italian) very joyous

Lietezza (Italian) joy

Lieto (Italian) joyous

Lieve (Italian) light

Lievemente (Italian) lightly

Lievezza (Italian) lightness

Lift a rising glissando attached to the end of a note; to transcribe a musical score from a recording

Ligature slur, tie

Line used graphically to denote ends of bars, the pitches of notes, articulation , used to describe aspects of melody

Linea (Latin) a stave line

Linear chords chord that results from linear motion

Liner notes textual data that convey information about a music recording, for example

Lining out call and response singing

Link material that appears between the end of one phrase and the beginning of the next, but belongs to neither

Linke hand (German) left hand

Lip synching moving one’s lips to music that has been pre-recorded

Lira (Italian) instrument

Liscia (Italian) smooth

Liscio (Italian) smooth

L’istesso (Italian) the same

L’istesso tempo (Italian) beat remains constant when the meter changes

Liturgical music reverent music

Liu qin treble version of the Chinese lute, had originally 2 or 3 strings and 7 frets, but today may have up to 4 steel strings, and up to 24 frets, sounds like a mandolin and is played with a small bamboo tube placed over the forefinger used as a plectrum

Liuto (Italian) lute

Liuto attiorbato (Italian) lute

Liuto cantabile a five-course plucked string instrument

Livre (French) book


Llobet, Miguel (1878-1938) see Classical Guitarists and Composers


Locanda (Italian) tavern

Loco (Italian) read the notes as written

Loin (French) distant

Lointain (French) faint

Lo kantak Basque lullaby

Lontananza (Italian) distance

Lontano (Italian) distant

Loop a piece of material that plays over and over

Loose Fret  A fret that is no longer properly seated in its fingerboard slot. See Dressing the Frets on a Classical Guitar see How to Change Classical Guitar Strings

Los (German) free in style, loose

Lotar Moroccan pear-shaped lute

Loudness human impression of the strength of a sound

Lourd (France) heavy

Lourde (France) heavy

Lourdement (French) heavily

Lourdeur (French) heaviness, weight

Low E String The sixth string of the guitar. See How to Change Classical  Guitar Strings


Luftig (German) airy

Lugubre (Italian) lugubrious, mournful, sad

Luigi Legnani (1790-1877) see Classical Guitarists and Composers

Lullaby a cradle song

Lumineux (French) luminous

Lunga (Italian) long

Luogo (Italian) loco

Lungo (Italian) long

Lusingando (Italian) to play in an intimate manner

Lusinghiero (Italian) to play in an intimate manner

Lustig (German) cheerful

Lustigkeit (German) cheerfulness

Lustspiel (German) comedy

Luta (Swedish) lute

Lute a plucked stringed instrument with a pear-shaped body and fretted fingerboard

Luth (French) a plucked stringed instrument with a pear-shaped body and fretted fingerboard

Luthier a maker of stringed instruments

Lutto (Italian) mourning

Luttosamente (Italian) mournfully

Luttoso (Italian) mournful

Luttuoso (Italian) mournful


Lyre guitar six-string lyre-guitars were popular on the Continent early in the 19th century

Lyricism an intense personal quality, expressive of feeling or emotion, expressed in poetry or music