U (German) abbreviation of und, and


Uakti a character from Brazilian Indian mythology who charmed the local women by turning the wind into sound with the holes in his body. The local men became jealous, killed Uakti, and buried him in the forest. Legend has it that four palm trees grew from his grave, and the Indians made instruments from the trees’ branches


Über (German) over, above, too

Übung (German) exercise


Ud (Arabic) a short necked, fretless Middle Eastern and North African lute, one of the most important instrument in Arabic classical music, the direct ancestor of the European lute


Uguale (Italian) equal

Uguali (Italian) equal

Ugualmente (Italian) equally

Ugualità (Italian) equality

Uguaglianza (Italian) equality


Ukelele a guitar-like instrument originating from Portugal but often associated with Hawaii with four strings and a long fingerboard


Ullogaun Irish lament

Ultima (Italian) last

Ultimo (Italian) last

Ultrasonic of or relating to acoustic frequencies above the range audible to the human ear

Ultrasound of or relating to acoustic frequencies above the range audible to the human ear


Umano (Italian) human

Umana (Italian) human

Umkehrung (German) turning round, reversal, inversion

Umore (Italian) humor

Umstimmen (German) to tune in a non-standard manner


Un (French) a, an, one

Un’ (Italian) a, an, one

Una (Italian) a, an, one

Una corda (Italian) one string

Und (German) and

Une (French) a, an, one

Uneven Frets Frets on a guitar that are irregular in height compromising balance, tone, clarity, & sustain. See Dressing the Frets on a Classical Guitar 

Ungebunden (German) free unconstrained

Ungeduld (German) impatience

Ungeduldig (German) impatient

Ungefähr (German) about, approximately

Ungestüm (German) impetuous

Ungezwungen (German) easy-going, natural, unforced

Ungherese (Italian) Hungarian

Unheimlich (German) uncanny

Uni (French) united, smooth

Unie (French) united, smooth

Unies (French) united, smooth

Unis (French) united, smooth

Unison the interval between two identical notes

Uniti (Italian) united, reunited


Umakweyana a one string gourd instrument played by the women of Swaziland


Unmeasured music music where the performer is free to determine the rhythm, free rhythm

Unmerklich (German) imperceptible

Uno (Italian) a, an, one

Un peu (French) a little, rather

Un po’ (Italian) a little, rather

Un poco (Italian) a little, rather

Unravelling an arpeggiation or spinning out of structures

Unruhe (German) disquiet, without peace, restless

Unschuldig (German) innocent

Unten (German) under

Unter (German) below


Up-beat a weak beat

Up-tempo music that is played with a fast, lively beat


Ursprünglich (German) original, originally

Urtext (German) original text


U.S.F. German abbreviation; und so fort, and so forth

U.S.W. German abbreviation; und so weiter, and so on


Utility music music to be played by anyone utilizing idioms in everyday use

Utogardon a string instrument from Moldova