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Daves Circle JamDave's Cicle Jam 3________________________
Bill’s 5th Tuesday Jam
Bill's Jam 2________________________
Songwriters Club
cgsmusic: Songwriters ClubAll levels welcome, Frequent concerts for those who want to participate. Free All invited.
cgsmusic Songwriters Club 2________________________
Blues Jam
Blues Jam 2cgsmusic Blues Jam 2________________________
Ukulele FUN-da-Mentals
Ukulele Jam________________________
The “LUG Nuts”

Lincoln Ukulele Group, All welcome, Songs easy for all to play, Frequent concerts for those who want to participate. Free All invited.
cgsmusic: LUG Nuts 2

Concert Band Jam
Directed by Jim Karas, All levels welcome (2 Notes to Virtuoso), All Band instruments invited (Wind, Brass, Mallets & Drums), Songs easy for all to play, Play Tunes & Harmonies, Improvise, Arrange & Compose, Will schedule concerts for those who want to participate. 
Free-All Invited
Concert Band Jam|

Shape-Note Singing
cgsmusic: Shaped Note SingingShape-note singing, a musical practice and tradition of social singing from music books printed in shape notes. Shape notes are a variant system of Western musical notation whereby the note heads are printed in distinct shapes to indicate their scale degree and solmization syllable (fa, sol, la, etc.). Free, All invited.
cgsmusic: Shape-Note Singing

Hammered Dulcimer Club
Hammered Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer Club 2

Banjo Club
Banjo Workshop 2

cgsmusic: Banjo Workshop 2___________________________
Mandolin Club
Learn mandoilin, All levels welcome, Songs easy for all to play,  Free All invited.

cgsmusic: Mandolin Club

Ear Training Workshop
cgsmusic: Ear Training WorkshopEar Training 2
Past Jams
Jem's Jam 2

Celtic Jam


cgsmusic Shows & Recitals

cgsmusic shows

cgsmusic presents shows and recitals throughout the year. Previous entertainers including (but not limited to) – Academy of Rock, Acoustic Traditions, Banjo Workshop, Blue Raven Recitals, Blues Jam, Bobby Miles, Brandon Kirchgasler & the Indestructible Band, Burnt Biskits, Celtic Sessions, Charlie & Laurie McClain, Daniel Christian, Dave Marsh, Dave’s Jam, Don Eveland, Dakota Dave Hull, Hammered Dulcimer Club, Karen Mal, Lincoln School of Music Recitals, Lonesome Travelers, LUAU, LUG Nuts, Nashville Songwriters, Paul Siebert, Rochelle Reavis Recital, Rood Band, Shape-Note Singers, Simple Grace, Terry Smith, Tex & Mary Schutz, etc. 

Friends of cgsmusic

Friends of cgsmusic

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